Content marketing has become the most effective and low cost online marketing strategies for online marketers including bloggers. 56% of the marketers believe that content promotes higher engagements rates, and according to Neil Patel people who succeed at becoming world content marketers – people who craft compelling, valuable content that gets to the hearts of the readers. and today we are focusing on how you can create a more converting and engaging blog content
1. use a very understandable and attractive heading.
heading tell what the content is all about in a very summarized way. make short and clear to the point such that the person is easily engaged with it. according to a study carried out by hub spot and out brain on 150000 headlines, this is what they discovered about highly converting headlines.
headlines with 8 words performed more click rate.
headlines containing a colon/hyphen performed 9% better than those without.
odd numbers in list posts have click-through rate 20% higher than even number lists.
ending a headline with a question mark results in a higher click rate than using an exclamation mark/ full stop.
2. use an engaging introduction.
this his where you briefly talk about whats being contained in the post. this acts as a hook to a bait(the title) this will make your readers to stay and read more, which should be your ultimate goal. the characteristics of a good introduction include being brief, understandable and showing how the reader is going to benefit from the article.
3. always remember to include visuals.
this makes a huge difference in the performance of the post, engagement and simplifying the content. adding more substance to your content will provide the best way to break up longer pieces of text, making content easier to scan and understand. using graphics include videos, info-graphics, charts and graphs to break down your content that would be difficult to present by text.