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After following the steps of making a very profitable affiliate blog. Today am sharing how what other thing s you can do to supplement on your affiliate commission which we call multiple streams of income. This is a very good concept because enables you to generate more income by optimizing your visitors actions on the blog.
CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCT.Alongside promoting affiliate products, if you have if the capacity to make your own product it would supplement on your affiliate commissions. It can either be a physical product or a digital product like an online course, kindle book, software or another product. This is a great option since you can promote them on your blog and also create an affiliate program in order to have more people promoting your product.
PAY PER CLICK (PPC) ADVERTISING.This allows to utilize the visitors on your site mostly when then do not purchase anything and click on on the ppc ads. Ppc adsing is a form of adverting where a publisher is paid whenever a person clicks on an advert on his site. Here you sign up with an advertising network for example google adsense, infolinks and the ads will show up in the select placed of your preference and whenever person clicks on the you will always get a commission.
SELL AD SPACE.Another is to simply sell your own ad space directly to companies looking to sponsor different blogs. For example, you can come up with a price for each space, like: “Sidebar banner ads will cost $xxx per month”.
You can get paid depending on how many visitors you get. Typically this is quoted as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions or(CPM) . So for example, you might see it as: $5 CPM. If the website gets 100,000 visits a month, that ad price translates into $500 bucks.
Amount= No of visitors*cost
The good thing about this approach is that if your site gets a ton of traffic from different sources, your simple banner ad pricing can go up to as high as $5000 per month! However, the obvious downside is that if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can’t expect to earn as much either.
The other common method when selling ad space directly from your website is a simple direct price. Here you simply name a price (based on what you think it’s worth, relative to what the competition might be charging), and get paid upfront at the beginning of each month. This pricing is also generally a simple flat fee, not tied to a Cost Per Click like Ad Sense.
Where can I let others know that my website is selling ad space?
• BuySellAds – The most popular one.
• Advertise Space – I haven’t tried it, but it should be a good alternative.
One of the common ways to making more money from your website means getting those visitor numbers UP.
Once you’ve done the hard work of building steady traffic to your site with an engaged community, there are a few different ways to monetize your hard work.
For example, many companies go out of their way to look for blogs that will feature their sponsored content. ‘Native advertising‘ like this works well because it still lines up with your site’s primary content, so it comes across relevant and transparent.
You can also review the products from a company in an ‘advertorial’ that’s part content, part advertisement. For example, if your website is all about the latest iOS games for iPhones and iPads, the creator of one of those ads would LOVE to have you review and feature their app to your fans.
When done right, this can create a win/win scenario. However done poorly, with irrelevant or inauthentic site content, and it can erode all of the reader’s goodwill you’ve.

Generate ‘leads’ for other companies
Businesses thrive off new leads coming in their door to inquire about their products or services.
It’s no surprise then that they’re always on the lookout, searching for creative ways to find new sources of leads to help them grow.
For example:
Let’s say you have a website about teaching math skills. Your reader’s information (like their email address or phone number) would be of great value to different online schools who’re looking to sell their courses to eager, proactive students.
Basically, you’re connecting the dots; playing the matchmaker by introducing two parties who can benefit one another. While it’s similar to how affiliate marketing works, in this case it doesn’t actually matter if your reader ends up purchasing their product or not. They’re just looking for an introduction at this point.
• worked so hard to create in the first place.


Content marketing has become the most effective and low cost online marketing strategies for online marketers including bloggers. 56% of the marketers believe that content promotes higher engagements rates, and according to Neil Patel people who succeed at becoming world content marketers – people who craft compelling, valuable content that gets to the hearts of the readers. and today we are focusing on how you can create a more converting and engaging blog content
1. use a very understandable and attractive heading.
heading tell what the content is all about in a very summarized way. make short and clear to the point such that the person is easily engaged with it. according to a study carried out by hub spot and out brain on 150000 headlines, this is what they discovered about highly converting headlines.
headlines with 8 words performed more click rate.
headlines containing a colon/hyphen performed 9% better than those without.
odd numbers in list posts have click-through rate 20% higher than even number lists.
ending a headline with a question mark results in a higher click rate than using an exclamation mark/ full stop.
2. use an engaging introduction.
this his where you briefly talk about whats being contained in the post. this acts as a hook to a bait(the title) this will make your readers to stay and read more, which should be your ultimate goal. the characteristics of a good introduction include being brief, understandable and showing how the reader is going to benefit from the article.
3. always remember to include visuals.
this makes a huge difference in the performance of the post, engagement and simplifying the content. adding more substance to your content will provide the best way to break up longer pieces of text, making content easier to scan and understand. using graphics include videos, info-graphics, charts and graphs to break down your content that would be difficult to present by text.


Making more money is just limited to your abilities, there are infinitely more ways to make money online. It’s just a matter of getting your thinking cup and put your brains to work. 25% of the Americans make full-time money on the internet.
A great tip.
1. always make sure that you additional activity is always in line with your niche in affiliate marketing. This will help you in time allocation and not confusing the activity content.
2. Ensure that times take less time of your full-time affiliate marketing. Since affiliate marketing is your main business always ensure that you allocate more time to it than the rest, this enables you to remain consistent enabling your business to grow continuously.
3. Incase all the business give almost the same amount you can always out source for assistance in the very technical and complex activities. This will enable you allocate the needed resources to every business instead of giving one fewer resources it needs.
All online experts will tell this. Always have a blog for your online business. This acts as your house on the internet and makes it easier for people to find you and also create authority. And other big thing is on only one blog there are multiple ways you can make money to .interest in knowing how you can monetize your blog check out this post about the best ways to make your blog an alternative income source.
Free lancing. This is when you are a specialist in a particular skill and so give the opportunity for people to hire you. For an example if you are good at writing blog on a particular then you can offer a free lancing payable service for that. There are many ways you can promote your service, the first one can be your blog and the other you can use the freelancing platforms like this gives the opportunity to sell your free-lance product since actually more people know and trust the platform that’s what takes them there.
You can easily promote you free lancing business on the free-lance platforms like
e-commerce and drop shipping. Almost similar to affiliate marketing, here you build your online store with product of your niche and promote the products and earn a commission for the sales. This works this way you request the product information from the manufactures, create an e-commerce website, promote it and later earn commissions in case of the sales. With ecommerce you need for advertising costs as compared to affiliate marketing.
Things you need to know about drop shipping.
1. You do not need to store the products the company does.
2. Different e-commerce website providers charge differently .
3. More advertising costs are needed to drive traffic to your website.
The e-commerce website providers include shoppify, woo commerce, bigcommerce and many others. Creating an ecommerce store can be to promote your offline physical products or it could be your online business.
How to be successful in e-commerce.
Always your are in the right of your interest. This is because you would to something like you are in leisure time not something like job. Being in something that you love almost always make you want to be perfect and highly competent in that field.
Network marketing. this is also called multi level marketing or direct sales marketing. this is a business of building people networks. Here a person basically earns from every person he recruits into his or team and also the company products he sales. The mode of payment differs from company to company. While choosing a network company it always better to join a company that has a marketing structure that is easily marketable online. I highly recommend network marketing you are in affiliate marketing. this is because they all don’t require a lot of time and you are promoting network marketing online it becomes more easier
Forex trading. This involves the buying and selling of foreign exchange. On the foreign exchange market, one buys a particular foreign currency of a given country and sells it at a higher price when the price increases. In the forex market currencies are traded in currency pairs.


In internet marketing making people to easily navigate through your site is a very big deal. As a person doing affiliate marketing making sure that your site is easily navigable is something to put in consideration. As people are on your site they need to easily be able to browse through your content, and more so when it all related. This enables us to attract your reader’s attention and they end up browsing more of the web pages and actually this is helpful for your SEO. By the way due to the relationship and trust build they may end being buyers. Having that said so how can one create the content relationship in his or her blog? Is it what what’s in your mind? Do you any think that this is only for the professionals and technical skilled personnel’s, I doubt your correctness, so whether you are you new to the these terms or some information, keep along as everything you need to know has been cover in very simple and under stable ways. Here they are. Categories and tags. Have you ever had of them, do you what they means, do you know how they work and why you need them. To make it snappy here is all you need to know about categories and tags and what they can do for your blog “monetizing and seo.”

What is categories and tags.
Categorizing in blogging and content marketing we mean grouping the related posts to make easy for the user to find. To make it more simpler categories can be compared to chapters in an book. What happens is that when you want to read the articles in a particular chapter that where you go that also what happens that when the reader clicks on a particular category then only posts in that category do show up thus letting the read get the information he really wants to get. A category is a little broader a very good example is say I have a blog about laptops; I can have a category of say handling methods. This means that for any post I write about handling methods I will always attach it to the handling methods category.

Tags. Almost the categories and tags do the same things only that for tags they are more specific. From the above example if you wrote a post about the best ways to keep your dell computer safe while in dusty places. Here the category is handling methods then you tag it to dell. You realize how specific a tag is, tags normally appear on top, side or the bottom of every post depending to the theme you are using. Having tags on your blog enables the redirects the user to the specific content that solves his problem. Since the reader is on the core content you as blogger you gain benefits like:
1. More time spent on your site.
2. Building trust and relationship because of the relevancy of the content.
3. More site uplinks and shares.
Due to the improved user experience from the categories and blogs the site benefits more traffic and sales.

Are categories and tags a must.
In word press in a must to have categories though tags are options. All posts are to the uncategorized category which is a default category for all posts in word press. You can always change and a sign the post to it relevant category. The taxonomies as word press call them are important to the extent that you must always consider them as you are doing you are writing your content.

Is there an optimum number of categories?
As we said creating categories and tags are is good blogging etiquette. Having a particular number of them is relevant in accordance to what you are blogging about. Big niches will require more categorizing than the small niches. It’s always advisable that when you are starting your blog you start with fewer ones and keep them with fresh content instead of many with only one or two posts attached to them which are not usually updated.

How to utilize the categories and tags.
The best ways to utilize the taxonomies is through internal linking. You remember the major aim of categories is to improve on the user experience while browsing through our web content. With internal linking it gaves the user to always link to the content of his choice. An example is you are browsing through a sports blog and you finding something like this. You can get more running training here. This will probably be taking you the training category.